What is the Most Surprising Thing You’ve Found Out from Your Family Tree?

If you begin tracing back to your family tree and research about past generations, be sure to meet surprises. Most people have uncovered the most surprising things in their family tree and shared them online.

Have you already found out what is the most surprising thing from your family tree?

We all have ancestors who have lived extraordinary lives during the past and even became popular. Some were known for the good things, and others for the bad side.

If you begin to uncover your family tree, here are just some of the things you could find out.

There was once a witch in the family

In America, one of the most popular events was the Salem Witch Trials. The witch hunt led to more than 20 innocent civilians, with 19 being hanged and one pressed to death.

In Salem, town square, you can still see their memorials with all but one being officially pardoned by the town.

Surprisingly, it reported that some people who have tried to trace back their family tree found their path to one of the witch victims.

She was the 9x great-granddaughter of John Proctor that was hanged as a witch in 1692.

What made John Proctor so famous in the following generations is that he became the main character in The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller.

You Could Find An Unknown Birth Parent

You could also find that somewhere in the family tree, there were some ‘missing characters.’

One person revealed that she found out that her paternal grandfather’s biological father was not known and was never named in her grandfather’s birth certificate. The grandfather also never revealed the name.

When she used her father’s DNA, she found an exact match with a family living in the neighboring town, where her grandfather was born.

You could find that you are from royal lineage

You could discover a knight in your family tree or someone with a royal lineage. The noble families have been known for keeping excellent genealogical records.

If you follow the trail and go back some centuries back, you can get the connection.

A lady using Ancestry discovered she was 26x great-granddaughter of King Edward II of England and all the royalties that came before him.

You Could Find Mysterious Deaths in the family tree

You may find out that some people in your family tree died in shocking circumstances that are unimagined in the current world. One person using MyHeritage, Becky Sue posted on Twitter that she found out that her 5x great-grandfather died after trying to multitask between eating a banana and driving.

Another user, Dee Bradley, discovered that her great-grandmother was struck by lightning.


There are a number of surprising discoveries you can make when you look back in your family tree. Some are exciting while some are shocking and you could even find it hard to believe them.