How To Prove Royal Lineage

With many people surprisingly finding that they are actually from a royal lineage, you could also be shocked to find out you are from a noble family tree. But how do you prove you are from a royal lineage?

Many people are looking for the chance to prove they are connected to royalty or nobility. Many are trying to find evidence and even using rumors of an illegitimate child born out of wedlock in the royal family. Even a Lord stripped of his title following a failed coup. But these rumors are not just enough to prove your royal lineage.

Where to look for royal ancestors

Who Do You Think You Are? magazine noted that there are over 4 million descendants of Edward III that are alive today. 13% of Americans with British ancestry also have high chances of finding a royal connection in their family tree.

Here are the records that can help you trace your royal lineage

Census records

This is one of the easiest ways to establish a connection with nobility. Checking at the names of the people living in specific addresses at a specific time in history can give you some reasons.

Think of Windsor Castle, royal county homes, and other addresses of families you are trying to connect with.

A simple search can show you the places of residence of the royals and nobles through several years.

Once you have the address or the home you have an interest in, search the address in the census records and see whether you find any familiar name.

Note that house and street names are bound to change over some period, so match them with the previous names.

Royal Household Staff 1526-1924

Findmypast houses this extraordinary collection of ancestors who lived and worked for the royal families during the 400+ years period. If there are some

rumors about your ancestor having some connection with the royals, there are high chances their names are recorded here.

Reigning monarchs used to employ at least 1000 people, gib=ving very high chances to discover an ancestor or relative who served the royal family.

Britain Knights of the Realm and Commonwealth

So if the above methods are not fruitful since none of your ancestors lived or served in royal homes, there are still some chances to prove your royal lineage.

Many people having a strong connection to the royals were awarded an order of chivalry.

This collection records the records of over 35,000 individuals from the 13th century to today. You may find out that your ancestor may have been awarded by kings.

Directories and Social history records

This record contains detailed information about the people and reveals a lot more about their family histories that will help you easily trace the connection.

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Proving you are a descendant of royal lineage needs some effort and digging a lot more back into the history of your family tree. With relevant records and checking through the past, you will be surprised to find out that you are actually connected to the royals.